In a lot of ways these images build on the Landscapes of the Imagination from the Lakes Region of England in 2017, Montana is a place that lives and breathes in the imagination long after a visit is over. It is a place subject to write narrative descriptions about, memories transcribed in an effort to keep them alive. Many of these images come from the valleys to the east of the front range of the Rockies, valleys that Ivan Doig describes growing up in in his autobiographic This House of Sky. Valleys that stopped the families of his father and mother and uncles in their tracks as they left Scotland only to settle with herds of sheep under a sky that must have seemed like the Highlands on steroids. At the same time, the limits of the imagination may be the only impediment to the sense of limitless size of sky and earth.
There is another part to this...but read this carefully...I am NOT making any claims about the quality of my images. But, I feel like these open my eyes to what the mostly western based classic landscape photographers, such as those in the f64 group, were thinking and seeing. These are pretty much straight photographs, I AM learning a lot about ways of doing things in Photoshop. My very literal ( but non-destructive) ways of doing things have been pointed out as being, I think wacky, was the am working on that. Really.
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